Should LaMichael James be traded to the Philadelphia Eagles?

LaMichael James

LaMichael James (Photo of 49ers.com)

LaMichael James entered the NFL back in 2012 as a promising and talented young running back. After two full seasons, he is no longer considered a future star running back but rather as a role player. Because his explosiveness and his ability to make huge plays every now and then, the San Francisco 49ers want to trade him away. Almost anything in exchange for a player that currently has not an important spot in the team will be good for the 49ers.

LaMichael James was selected in the second round of the 2012 draft by San Francisco as they expected him to be Frank Gore’s replacement in the future. They expected their starting running back’s performance to decline. Gore’s numbers have stayed at a very high level since that season and James’s performance has not been good. He even lost the second running back position and he has been falling in the depth chart, as he is currently the third or even the fourth option to run the ball.

LaMichael James’s College career was a notable one and that made the 49ers hyped about him, back in his rookie year. With the University of Oregon he showed great skills and an amazing talent during his years there, earning the right to be considered as one of the running backs with the brightest futures in the NFL. In his college career, in just 37 games he accumulated a total of 5,668 yards from the scrimmage line and an impressive amount of 51 rushing and four receiving touchdowns. These impressive achievements made him earn the right to be a unanimous All-American back in 2010.

But after being selected by his current team, everything started to go wrong. He has only played in 14 games over two seasons and his numbers are not great at all. He has only attempted to run the ball 39 times, most of them in his rookie season even though he played fewer games that year. In those carries he gained 184 yards and he has not scored a single touchdown yet.

So how will LaMichael James’s future be? He should not expect any team offering him the starting running back position. That’s why he needs to be willing to play a minor role somewhere else and make the best out of it; maybe by taking advantage of those little opportunities that he will have, he could regain his confidence in order to be the player that he was once projected to be.

One team that appears in his horizon is the Philadelphia Eagles. LaMichael James’s role with the Eagles will be merely secondary as Philadelphia has one of the best running backs in the league from about the last three seasons. LeSean McCoy has been the most prolific back as he has been a constant threat running the ball as well as receiving it, but they need a quality substitute for their star player.

Since his emerging season back in 2010, when he first broke the 1,000 rushing yards mark, he has been one of the most lethal running backs in the league. He has spent his five seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles and he has not only been a weapon running the ball but also receiving it. He has rushed 1,199 times the ball for 5,473 yards and has scored 39 touchdowns by ground, while by the air he has 284 receptions for 2,127 yards and 10 touchdowns. As we can see, he is one of the most complete running backs in the game at the time and he is also very young. At his 25 years of age, the Philadelphia Eagles plan to retain him in their arsenal for a long time.

In regards to Fantasy Football, LeSean McCoy has been one of the players with more touchdowns and with a lots of lines of scrimmagefrom the last three seasons. This means that he will be a top choice for any player of this game. This also means than LaMichael James should not even be considered as a substitute playerin any Fantasy Football league as he won’t have many touches per game.

We already checked on James’ numbers and they are almost nonexistent. If you add to those stats the fact that he will have one player that puts season in and season out excellent numbers by all matters ahead of him, you should forget about him as one to watch for the Fantasy Football season.

LaMichael James plays reallywell when he has the chance and that way he will earn more time on the field. Apart from this the expectations for him as football player and a Fantasy Football prospect should be down significantly.

One thing is clear, he wants out of the San Francisco team next season. He is already behind Frank Gore and Kendall Hunter in the depth chart. Even Marcus Lattimore could be ahead of him as he will be back from the season-ending injury he suffered last year. Although he is a very young and talented running back, it seems that his credit back in San Francisco is close to over.

The reality is that he needs to get out of San Francisco but maybe Philadelphia is not the best option because over there he will be a running back that carries a big part of the load of that offense.At least with the Eagles he will be fighting for the second running back job and not for the fourth or the third as he will be with the 49ers. The running back depth in Philadelphia is full of young and inexperienced players and certainly with less explosiveness than James. Maybe a change will motivate him to finally show all the talent that he has not been able to show up to now.

At least he would change from one of the best teams of the league to another one that is projected to be successful next season, so he will be still fighting for big things with Philadelphia as he is used to do with San Francisco.

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Should LaMichael James be traded to the Philadelphia Eagles?
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