San Antonio Spurs vs. Memphis Grizzlies NBA Western Conference Finals

San Antonio Spurs vs Memphis Grizzlies

San Antonio Spurs vs Memphis Grizzlies

The NBA Western Conference Finals is officially on! An exciting matchup of two great NBA franchise is coming fans as the no. 2 seed San Antonio Spurs takes on no. 4 Memphis Grizzlies for the conference championship crown this postseason. This series is going to be great, intensely hot and entertaining.

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Complete San Antonio Spurs vs. Memphis Grizzlies Schedule for your reference on purchasing the said NBA tickets.
Game 1 in San Antonio: Sunday, May 19, 3:30 p.m. ET, ABC
Game 2 in San Antonio: Tuesday, May 21, 9, ESPN
Game 3 in Memphis: Saturday, May 25, 9, ESPN
Game 4 in Memphis: Monday, May 27, 9, ESPN
Game 5 in San Antonio: Wednesday, May 29, 9, ESPN
Game 6 in Memphis: Friday, May 31, 9, ESPN
Game 7 in San Antonio: Sunday, June 2, 9, ESPN

No. 2 San Antonio Spurs (58-24) vs. No. 5 Memphis Grizzlies (56-26) Preview
The Spurs beat the Golden State Warriors 4-2 in the second round and Los Angeles Lakers 4-0 in the first. The Grizzlies beat the Oklahoma City Thunder 4-1 in the second round and Los Angeles Clippers 4-2 in the first.

According to NBA.com/stats, Spurs (96.2) and Grizzlies (99.9) are the only two Western Conference franchise team with a top-six defensive rating in the postseason. They tied the regular season 2 all.

Tony Parker has the great advantage (five All-Star selections, three championship rings and an NBA Finals MVP Award, 2007). He has manuevered the Spurs through these playoffs, setting postseason team highs in scoring (22.4 points per game) and assists (6.3). On the other side, the unheralded star Mike Conley found his way to 17.6 points while tossing out 7.6 assists a night (against 1.9 turnovers) and swiping 1.6 steals. Also, he mastered the pick-and-roll sets with Marc Gasol, and kept the rest of his teammates satisfied with their touches.

The battle of Tony Parker vs Mike Conley is on! Who’s the best among the two?

Some other enchanting matchups to witness (Tim Duncan vs. Gasol and Zach Randolph, Manu Ginobili vs. Tony Allen and Kawhi Leonard vs. Tayshaun Prince) that will be well worth your attention.

What’s your fearless prediction for this Spurs vs Grizzlies matchup?

So, don’t miss to watch the San Antonio Spurs vs. Memphis Grizzlies live televised on your television set, PC and mobile devices. Enjoy!

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